Palms / Kentia, Neanthe Bella & Rhapis Palm ...  Kentia Palm - Cascading profile with elegant dark green leaves. Always a top choice for interiorscapers. Proven product in low light.  Neanthe Bella Palm - Parlour Palm, small palm specie. Petite green leaves that fluffs into a bushy head, low to medium light.  Rhapis Palm - Lady Palm. Popular low light interiorscape plant. Unique look with ridged finger-like green leaves and a matted trunk. .................


Palms / Chamaedorea Bamboo ...  Chamaeodera Seifrizii & Florida Hybrid Bamboo Palms - Excellent choice for interiorscape applications. Very good in medium light levels. Stems are long and slender with “nodes” very similar in appearance to real Bamboo’s Clustering fronds with multiple dark green pinnate leaflets. Usually available in 10”, 12”, 14” and 17” pots.  Chamaedorea Seifrizii Bamboo - Multi-trunk palm with thin olive green leaves. Upright column growth profile. Also called the Reed Palm.  Chamaedorea Florida Hybrid Bamboo - A hybrid of both Chamaedorea Erumpens and Chamaedorea Seifrizii. Erumpens have broader pinnae (leaflets) than the Seifrizii.


Palms / Fishtail & Adonidia Palm ...  Fishtail Palm - Fan-shape green leaflets resembling a giant fishtail, tall upright growth. Keep moist in medium light.  Adonidia Palm - Christmas Palm, beautiful classic tropical palm-like form. Broad cascading green leaves. Full sun or high light.


Palms / Majesty, Areca & Cataractarum Palm ...  Majesty Palm - Tall growing specie, with long slender green leaves. Available as singles or multi, good in medium to high light.  Areca Palm - Still an old favorite. Thin light green leaves with yellowish trunk makes an attractive bush. High to medium light.  Cataractarum Palm - Cat Palm. Full bushy plant. Very dark green leaves. Does well in medium to high light and needs to be kept moist. ..............


Palms / Spindle, Chinese Fan & Phoenix Roebelenii ...  Spindle Palm - Classic tropical palm tree look. Striking olive green leaves with a sizable trunk even in smaller pot sizes. Best in high light.  Chinese Fan Palm - Impressive broad light green leaves with finger-like impression. Considered more of a bush form. Light level moderate to high. Will tolerate a few degrees below freezing without damage.  Phoenix Roebelenii Palm - Pygmy Date Palm. Small thin wispy green leaves, features a more significant trunk in a 14” to 17” pot. Available as a single or multi trunk. Medium to high light.


Palm – Kentia – Neanthe Bella – Rhapis – Spindle – Chinese Fan – Phoenix Roebelenii – Majesty – Areca – Cataractarum