Miscellaneous / White Bird of Paradise & Dracaena Arborea ...  White Bird of Paradise - Perhaps the most tropical looking indoor plant. Its large broad leaves arranged in a fan-like pattern. Usually offered in 10”, 14”, 17” and 21”, does best in high light.  Arborea - A specimen plant with diverse forms and looks depending on cutback or single heads, thickness of trunk, single or multi plantings and other character traits. Pot size ranges from 10” to 24”. Consider options and consult with a customer service representative in order to select the right plant for the installation.  CapriFarms.com

Miscellaneous / Sago, Ponytail, Aspidistra & ZZ Plant ...  King Sago - This symmetrical plant features a crown of shiny dark green leaves with a thick shaggy trunk. High light is best. ............  Ponytail - Sometimes referred to as a palm because of its thick trunk and bushy green head. Look may vary depending on specie. ............  Aspidistra - Singular upright growth, stiff broad dark green leaves. Also known as Cast Iron Plant. Does very well in darker light levels. ............  ZZ Plant - Zamioculcas Zamifolia, waxy glossy dark green leaves. Has a unique look and performs extremely well in low light conditions. ............  CapriFarms.com

Miscellaneous – White Bird of Paradise and Dracaena Arborea