Hawaiian Product

Hawaiian Product / Rhapis & Kentia Palms ...  Hawaiian Rhapis & Kentia Palms - High end interior jobs should include Hawaiian Product. Lava rock mix provides a superior medium for interior application. Hawaiian palms generally present a more upright column look as compared to Florida-grown palms. Excellent in lower light conditions.  Rhapis Palm - Glossy exotic fan-like ridged fronds spread out from a center point with matted textured trunk.  Kentia Palm - Beautiful, graceful cascading form, Kentias feature elongated dark green fronds.  CapriFarms.com



Hawaiian Product / Staggered Cane ...  Warneckii - Cutback staggered cane, variegated green & silver with white streaks. Light silvery cane.  Lisa - Cutback staggered cane, elongated green leaves with matching green cane.  Michiko - Cutback staggered cane, wavy dark green leaves with matching green cane.  Janet Craig Compacta - Compact heads with green leaves. Available in single and multi heads. Cutback Staggered   Canes - Hawaiian Canes are considered by professionals as the premium interiorscape product. Rooted in lava rock. Canes are first cut back in order to produce multi heads on each cane and are planted in a staggered set height to ensure a consistent look throughout the crop. Hawaiian canes grow in a much more upright columnar shape than their Florida-grown counterparts.  CapriFarms.com

Hawaiian Product – Rhapis Palm – Kentia Palm