Hanging Baskets & Azalea Pots

Hanging Baskets & Azalea Pots / Pothos & Philodendron ...  Pothos and Philodendron - Both naturally vining plants with distinct heart shape leaves. They are very popular and widely used in both residential and commercial applications. Hanging baskets and azalea pots are often finished with trailing vines (runners) and can also be trained to climb onto forms or structures.  Golden Pothos - Regarded as one of the best, most popular indoor plants available. Green and yellow variegated leaves.  Jade Pothos - Solid green pothos, known to perform better in lower light levels than its variegated counterpart, Golden Pothos.  Marble Queen Pothos - Variegated pothos, green with white marbling. Perfect for any executive office. Higher light levels will help to maintain variegation.  Cordatum - Philodendron, solid matte finish olive green leaves. Does great in medium to low light.  Brazil - Variegated Philodendron, attractive yellow and green leaves. Requires medium to high light to maintain variegation.  CapriFarms.com

Hanging Baskets