Dracaena / Bush Form ...  Dracaena - Considered a building block for most interiorscape jobs, Janet Craig being the cornerstone. Today there are many other varieties to choose from that feature different variegation, color, leaf size and overall look. Pot size in 6”, 8”, 10”, 14” & occasionally in 17”.  Janet Craig - Dark green elongated leaves. Still the standard that’s reliable and good in low light.  Hawaiian Sunshine - Dark green leaves with the yellow sunshine through the center. Essentially a variegated Lisa.  Art - Dark green leaves with a thin bright yellow edge. This is Janet Craig with an elegant highlight.  Ulises - A Warneckii with green undertones contrasting dominant silver bands with a touch of white.  Gold Star - Also known as Lemon Lime Warneckii. Wide yellow margins on its narrow green/silver leaves.  Green Jewel - From the Jewel series. Short compact green leaves with tight heads. Slightly larger profile to the JC Compacta.  Lime Light - Bright lime yellow leaves. Attention grabber, also contrasts well with other darker foliage plants.  Jade Jewel - From the Jewel series. Short wavy silver & white leaves with a broad outer green edge. A compact Warneckii with a twist. CapriFarms.com