Color & Texture

Color / Croton ...  Crotons are perhaps best known for their vibrant colors featuring shades of red, yellow, green and orange. There are about nine different leaf shapes ranging from broad, curly, oak shape, thin, narrow and everything in between. Crotons bear a cultish following, attracting collectors all over the world. There are quite a few varieties that are grown for the commercial market. They do best in higher light levels.  Petra - Most popular of the croton varieties. Broad leaves displaying bright yellow, green, orange and red.  Magnificent - A newer commercial variety with broad, wavy, dominantly darker green leaves with speckling of brighter colors.  Mamey - Narrow curly leaves with splashes of a wide range of colors. Reds and oranges tend to be the more dominant colors.


Color / Color Rotation ...  Adding color to interior plantscaping requires periodic replacement due primarily to lower light levels. However, there are some options that are better than others. Bromeliads, orchids and anthuriums are amongst the most popular.  Neoregelia Bromeliads - Mostly broad flat leaves, often brightly colored, many banded, striped or speckled with contrasting colors.  Guzmania Bromeliads - Long narrow shiny green leaves that typically feature a flower rising tall from the center. There are quite a few different colors and varieties to choose from.  Anthuriums- Heart-shaped flowers with a narrow spadix. Colors and flower size in multiple combinations.  Orchids - Very popular in color rotation adding exotic elegance to any commercial or residential interiorscape.

  Color & Texture / Succulents ...  Plants with a fleshy, thick, swollen stem or leaves, adapted to survive in arid conditions, resulting in the evolution of interesting leaf shape, forms and colors. These succulents are being used to create unique designs for interiorscape arrangements. 


Color & Texture / Spring Blooming & Foliage ...  A large variety of bedding and patio plants featuring blooming flowers and lush tropical greenery. South Florida produces a wide range to satisfy both wholesalers and the garden center market.  Mandevilla - Usually offered in pink, red and white. Grown in both trellis and hanging baskets.  Hibiscus - Large trumpet shape flower with 5 or more petals. Colors in pink, red, orange, white, purple & yellow. Offered in bush or standard form.  Ferns- Various varieties of ferns are offered during the spring. Boston and Kimberly are perhaps the most preferred.  Bleeding Heart - Vining plant grown on a hoop or trellis. Colors usually offered are red and purple.  Capri Farms Homestead, Florida