Aglaonema Classics  Aglaonemas were first cultivated by the Chinese and were commonly called Chinese Evergreen. They were originally found in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, and then eventually made their way to Europe and North America. Some species, like the Maria ( Emerald Beauty ), were originally collected in the wild from the forests of the Philippines. Other varieties, like Silver Bay and BJ Freeman, were hybridized and then released to the commercial market as well as to collectors. Today Agloanemas have become one of the most versatile and widely used plants for interior application.  Maria -  Maria also called Emerald Beauty, an original that still remains very popular today. Compact plant with dark green leaves and silver markings.  Simplex -  Simply green, an old school variety revisited. A great interior plant, highly recommended because it performs extremely well in very low light conditions.       Silver Bay - Proven product that continues to hold its place in the market. Large broad silver leaves with contrasting tones of silver and green on the edges.       BJ Freeman -  Also known as Gabriella or Cecilia. Large broad matte finish leaves. Can be described as having a gray green pewter look with darker green markings.

Aglaonema Elite

Aglaonema Elite …   For years, the strength and durability of the Elites has been tested. Longevity and repeat orders has been the measuring stick to judge its success. The Elites represent a diverse pallet featuring color, texture, leaf size and shape, providing designers with the choices to create plantscaping masterpieces.  Mary Ann - Green contrast against a lighter matte silver green tone. Most similar to the Maria (Emerald Beauty).  White Rain - Silver and green with white margin. Smaller leaf white stem variety that stays full and compact.  Jubilee - Dominantly silver with very dark blackish green edge. The original substitute for Silver Queen.  Brilliant - Leaves are bright yellow and green with speckling of white. Large broad leaf variety.  Green Lady - Dark green leaves with silver highlights. Favorite choice amongst interior plantscapers.  Peacock - Large upright light silver leaves, spotted with darker green markings, white midrib and a hint of yellow.  Indo Queen - Recently introduced, a dead ringer for Silver Queen but more cold tolerant.  Black Lance - Unique upright tall elongated leaves 12” to 20” long, with silver center and dark blackish green edges. 


Aglaonema Colored

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