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Welcome to Capri Farms ... Capri Farms is a premium tropical foliage grower that also provides a “ hands on “ brokerage service to facilitate the needs of its customers. We take great pride in saying we are a family business. Established in 1990 in the Redland district of Homestead, Florida by Hector Chin and wife Daisy. Today the company is managed by their two sons, Lincoln and Hector Jr. (Bob), with the assistance of Dionne Hew and a dedicated crew of office and greenhouse personnel. Capri Farms has a commitment to produce high-quality tropical foliage, primarily focusing on the needs of interiorscapers and premium garden centers. Our facility occupies 15 acres, of which 13 acres are dedicated to foliage production. Guided by a strong philosophy, we can honestly say we’ve been personally involved in all aspects of our business - the production, growing and brokerage - while paying special attention to customer service.

Many growers can produce a good quality plant but very few can consistently produce the quality you need, when you need it, and at the size and specification you need. “Consistency” has been the cornerstone of our production.   Capri Farms has managed through the years to build an excellent reputation for growing Aglaonemas, Dracaenas, Canes, Pyramids, Spathiphyllums, Sansevierias, Scheffleras, Bird of Paradise, as well as many other fine foliage products. We are licensed growers of the patented Elite Aglaonemas and offer specialty Hawaiian-grown product.  The fact that we are located in the heart of the Redlands gives us a huge advantage by being able to, on a day to day basis, build personal relationships with all our suppliers. We’ve developed a trust and a deep understanding of the standards we expect when we purchase foliage material. We personally see, select, and consolidate the foliage we ship to you. Homestead has had a long tradition of growing high quality tropical foliage plants. We would be pleased to have an opportunity to supply you the best available foliage this area has to offer. We thank you for the opportunity.

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